8 Best Mobile Apps For Small Businesses To Handle Business Needs Effectively

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Running a small business is not an easy task as you must take care of a lot of things, right from handling day to day operations to taking big business decisions. A lot of business solution apps these days offer to lessen your burden and help things get more organized. This increases productivity and makes … Read More

6 Travel Expense Management Apps That Automate And Expedite Expense Reporting

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Why tracking expenses and that too travel expenses is essential for companies having remote field employees? There are several reasons that call for efficient expense management in an organization. As an employer, firstly you need information on how your business is doing. Tracking field employee travel expenses, profit, and revenue helps you know the financial … Read More

6 Essential Tips To Effectively Manage Remote Employees

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Most of the businesses these days employ remote staff and managing them effectively is the key ingredient to run a successful business. But at the same time, it is not easy as you as a manager can’t be there with them at different locations. Managing remote employees effectively calls for overcoming the challenges of supervising … Read More

8 Best Expense Tracker Apps- Must Have To Manage Your Daily Expenses

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People nowadays know the importance of keeping track of their expenses which enables them to plan their finances and spending habits. When they know where their money is going, they are able to set financial goals. It can often seem overwhelming or tedious having to keep track of expenses, but in the end, it’s all … Read More

How To Track Employee Location To Grow, Optimize and Enhance Efficiency of Your Field Force

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Are your employees on the move all the time! If yes, then how do you track their location and know how much time is being spent on various customers and tasks. Most of the companies these days face the challenge to effectively monitor their employees, especially their sales and service personnel as they are in the … Read More

How Efficient Field Staff Management Leads to Good Customer Service

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Running a smooth business is easy but hard to make it efficient because it is difficult for managers to keep a track of activities going on in the field as their supervisory capacity is limited. It is of utmost importance for the managers to know, how their field staff is interacting with the customers and … Read More

5 Reasons for Using Employee Time Tracking

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Time, the most tangible and precious resource makes all employers want to know, where their employees time is going. Manually filled timesheets, which were too cumbersome and time consuming are now being replaced by Employee time tracking softwares which are able to record employee hours accurately, that too with much ease and with minimal possibility … Read More

What Are Best Practices To Monitor Your Employees Through GPS?

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When the majority of workforce is in a field, business owners face challenges like lack of visibility in a day to day operations, time and cost management. New age technologies like GPS Tracking help tackle these problems through efficient location and time tracking of field employees. But how does one implement a technological change in the organization. This often becomes … Read More

Employee Tracking App Is An Easy Way To Trust Employees!

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Is monitoring employees the best practice to follow? Yes, though installing employee tracking app may seem like a company doesn’t trust its employees but the actual reason is the lack of systems. When there are no reasons to judge a person, you can think of using tracking application that inform you about employee’s daily visits with 100% … Read More

Be the Boss: Managing Your Business, Your Employees and Your Time

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As a business owner you have to literally be on your toes to take your business in right direction in such a volatile economy and cutthroat competition. How to manage business effectively? This calls for managing most valuable resources that is Employees and Time. These 2 intangible resources shape your business and effect productivity so … Read More

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