3 Common Reasons Why Daily Visit Report Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It)

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3 Reasons - Daily visit report is not working

Any business, big or small, needs to increase customer base and also needs to retain existing customers. When an employee is making field visits to achieve business goals, he is using company’s valuable resources that are time and money. The expenses incurred during the day and the time spent on each customer needs to be tracked and reported. The daily visit report incorporates all this information which enables a manager to understand what is critical for business and helps him making informed decisions.

A good daily visit report has 3 most important components:

  • Number of customers visited with complete details like name, address and contact.
  • Time spent on each customer and kind of transaction performed. It can be anything from sales or order placement to equipment service or even signing of a contract.
  • Then comes the details of expenses incurred in a day. This should ideally be supported by pictures or images of bills so that the manager is able to authenticate and approve the same without any delays.

If the report doesn’t adhere to above, these 3 become the most common reasons why daily visit report doesn’t work. So to avoid the same, the above points have to be taken care of by all the field employees.

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