5 Tips to Build a Productive and Effective Team

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Build a Productive Team

How an employee monitoring system helps you build a productive team which takes you towards a common goal of achieving great heights of success.

What does one need to build a successful business environment?

Answer is employee productivity. Agreed? It is like breathe for any business as it helps it to thrive and flourish. Yes, a productive team is a pre-requisite for a business to grow. Business productivity can be traced to an organizations engaged and highly productive team working on goals that are aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Happy employees help make a productive team as they strive to keep customers happy and have the drive to deliver the best. To build a team that delivers effectively, one has to really be up to date with daily tasks and performance and also be able to work closely with them. But things get hectic while working with a large team which is on move most of the time.

Below are 5 Smart Ways that help Build a Highly Productive Team:

1. Know Who is Doing What:

Sometimes, it takes a little more to get the best from your team. It’s not justabout hiring the right people – you also have to cultivate a right environment. Adapt a system that enables you to have clear and deep insight into who is doing what, what are the key skills your employees have, what are the areas of improvement, what is their potential and how can you help them improve in their weaker area.

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2. Encourage Communication and Feedback:

Effective, two-way communication, is the base for building good relations and businesses. Managers need to effectively communicate expectations and responsibilities to their employees.Also, regular feedback to employees encourages them and increases the feeling of belongingness. When something is not right, immediate corrective actions can be taken by the superiors and they can easily do so as they are constantly updated on what is happening on daily basis thus resulting in an engaged and productive team.

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3. Encourage Ownership:

It is very important for an employee to own what he does. A highly participative and transparent workplace with shared decision making helps inculcate the feeling of ownership which makes an employee go beyond his assigned tasks and work as if it was his own. Having such employees leads to making a productive team thus leading to business excellence.

4. Appreciate Them:

As a manager, you need to connect with everybody who works for you on daily basis. It helps you know about their performance and you get a chance to acknowledge and appreciate the effort that they put in the work. Employees who feel appreciated and respected by their employers always aim to do better and better. Even appreciating small accomplishments goes a long way in impacting their productivity. Sales people have one priority that is to achieve targets, high motivation leads them to contribute greatly towards business.

5. Reward Them:

Offering incentives has proven to have a lot of positive impact on employees. Making them feel important goes a long way to build an effective team. Top performers who are rewarded can influence their peers to use the app in a right way, eventually working together towards a common goal.Using app should become a part of key performance indicators.

So above are effective team building tips that will help increase your business productivity but how do you align your business with employee performance?

Technology comes to the rescue here by letting go off mundane and conventional processes which are time-consuming and do not directly add up to business revenue. There are various tools available to simplify day to day operations related to sales employees who are on the field most of the time.

4Cliqs is one such tool, based on GPS employee tracking. It helps maximize business productivity by helping build a productive team through an efficient daily reporting system. It helps you act in time and take important business decisions that help effectively build and manage your sales team. It also ensures that employees spend more time on productive tasks, increases their happiness quotient and motivates them.

There is Of course, more than can be listed here, but if you follow these five points, then you should be well on your way to building an amazing team of individuals to empower your business to success.

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