5 Ways Your Field Employees Might Be Destroying Your Business

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5 ways your on field employees might be destroying your business

In any and every business, the employee is one of the most important production factors and bears a lot of weight in determining whether the venture will prosper or whether it will fail. This is the case especially when it comes to sales and service employees out in the field. Their direct contact with clients, partnering businesses and other stakeholders puts them in a position to make a huge difference. Below are five common fraudulent activities of field staff.

  • Failure to report to the field while on duty- This usually happens when the employees’ movements are not monitored. The lack of commitment to the responsibilities results in unmet business goals and seriously unsatisfied customers and business partners.
  • Refusing extra tasks due to occupation with tasks they have already finished- This is another effect of lack of monitoring while out on the field. Employees fail to take up additional tasks despite having the time and resources required to do so. This reduces their productivity and leaves a lot of clients unattended.
  • Employees take advantage of the freedom to get more jobs- Multiple employment among field workers is very common. This reduces their productivity as they end up distracted by the other jobs and their demands. This is also a bad news to you as you end up paying the employees for hours they haven’t put in.
  • Invalid charges and expenses- This is by far one of the most common frauds by field service/sales employees. They take advantage of the lack of supervision to fake costs incurred while out on the field. This leads to financial losses within the business where money is being spent but the results received are not worth the investment.
  • Existence of ghost workers- This is a common occurrence with seasonal contract jobs where there is very little contact between the employees in the field and the head office. The fraudulent activity includes submission of names of field employees who don’t actually exist. The business ends up paying salaries and footing bills for workers who aren’t there which results in financial losses and reduced productivity.
Bottom line

If you experience even one of the five described above, you need to take immediate action. One way to do this is by opening channels for feedback from clients and business partners who have come into contact with the employee in the field. Another highly effective way is by using geo location tracking systems to keep track of your employees at all times. This helps improve the overall customer service experience and protects the business brand image and it goes without saying that this is good for business.

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