7 Key Advantages Of Using 4Cliqs – One Of The Best Employee Tracking Solution

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Employee tracking advantages

Are your employees on the move all the time! If yes, then how do you track their location and know how much time is being spent on various customers and tasks. With 4Cliqs, an affordable GPS Tracking mobile solution, you no longer have to speculate. Here are the key advantages of using 4Cliqs:

  • You are able to view employees live attendance sitting in your office.
  • Based on the tasks assigned, you can monitor the exact location of your employee. 4Cliqs helps you view the real time location, so you can know whether he has reached the customer assigned.
  • Employee is able to upload the pictures related to the task accomplished.
    He can provide images of Customer feedback form, Customer visiting cards or equipment service log as per your business requirements. 4Cliqs Automates and Authenticates your business reports.
  • Employee becomes more responsive and takes ownership of the tasks assigned to him.
  • Time is the most important entity to run any business. 4Cliqs eliminates the possibility of time theft or wastage.
  • Along with customer visit details, employee is able to key in the details of the expenses incurred during the day while he is on move. Here also he can upload pictures of the receipts which authenticate the expenses he is claiming.
  • 4Cliqs helps you save upto 40% of time, money and effort that goes in for tracking on field activities.
    Buying the application is a one-time cost or comes with affordable monthly payments for you.

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