7 Ways How 4Cliqs Makes Settlement Of Expenses Easy And Quick

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Settlement of Expenses

There are lots of issues which organizations as well as employees face related to settlement of expenses and claims. Specially in case of employees travelling on official purposes, they need to settle their expenses which sometimes takes a lot of time. It is due to delays while processing of the claims and during approval of the same. The expenses go from employee to line manager for approval and then to accounts team for settlement. Also, communication regarding settlement of claims isn’t done effectively resulting in productivity loss at work as employees as well as managers and accounts team spend time clarifying things which could have been used to do office work. If there are errors, there adjustment only occurs in next month which agitates employees making them unhappy. Thus, they are not able to focus on work.

4cliqs brings to you a novel method of solving your expense related problems. It will lead to approval of expenses on a daily basis. If the line manager or accounts team rejects it, employee will find it and resubmit after adjustment. There will be no unnecessary delays in processing and approval. It will act as a handy tool which will help all employees, managers as well as accounts team, thus bringing a lot of value to the organization.
Below given ways can help you making settlement of expenses easy and quick:

  1. On time settlement of claims and expenses as approvals happen daily
  2. Reason for rejection of claim or deviation in expense is clearly visible to employee which he can rectify and resubmit again
  3. Even in case of errors, adjustment will happen within same month
  4. Employees will be happy as there is transparency in the system
  5. Improve efficiency at work place as employees don’t need to waste unnecessary time with delays
  6. Employee productivity also increases as no back and forth communication
  7. Employees are a part of real time process so they feel more involved and responsible

Thus, 4Cliqs is a one stop solution for all expense related problems

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