8 Best Expense Tracker Apps- Must Have To Manage Your Daily Expenses

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Best Expense Tracker Apps

People nowadays know the importance of keeping track of their expenses which enables them to plan their finances and spending habits. When they know where their money is going, they are able to set financial goals. It can often seem overwhelming or tedious having to keep track of expenses, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Now there are plenty of tools available to make things easy. It’s time to consider these paperless expense tracking options. There are multiple expense tracker apps in India available that have completely eliminated the use of paper.

Below is a few expense manager app for android & desktop that help organize your finances:

1. Walnut 

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It is perhaps the first expense tracker app which is fully customized for Indian users. An interesting feature about Walnut is that it automatically tracks expenses and groups it into various categories. It also enables you to check account balances, Manage Credit Card Cycles, pay VISA Credit card bills, Receive and sending money.


2. Money View Money Manager

Money View Money Manager app is similar to Walnut except for an additional net balance feature that helps you get your bank balance from online banking after one-time authentication. It also shows nearby ATMs and its tax saver feature helps save taxes.


3. 4Cliqs

It is one of the must-have expense tracker application especially for field force as it helps you reap multiple benefits, including submission of expenses on a daily basis which can be done from anywhere, at any time and, even when employees are on move.

It is one of the best expense manager app for small business. It completely eliminates paperwork as there is a provision to attach pictures of the bills which are authenticated through the date, time and location stamp. Reports are authenticated through GPS so the Managers are able to approve the same on daily basis. Any discrepancy in claims can be communicated at the same time as employees get a quick notification of approval or rejection of expense bills. There is faster disbursal of expenses as no more follow-ups are required between various stakeholders.

Customized and Insightful Report tracks just about everything. So you are able to easily gaze employee performance and revenue generated. Thus 4Cliqs, the best mobile app for expense management has vast advantages which help forego wastage of time on mundane tasks and the employees are more elated to have their expenses approved on time thus increasing employee productivity.


4. Qykly Daily Expense Manager

Qykly like all other apps calculates your expenses and income but shows it graphically so that you come to know the major spending days, times and areas of your money. It also shows all your recent purchases and reminds you of the monthly payments you make.

Qykly Daily Expense Manager

5. ET Money

ET Money, a multi-specialty app from Economic Times is blended with many tiny features like Investment in Mutual Funds in one-click, totally paperless, and track your existing investments. It pays your bills and checks for the major areas of expenditure. It also recommends you appropriate Credit cards or offers which can help you to save money.

ET Money

6. mTrakr

mTrakr is yet another money manager app which lets you manage your money more efficiently. It allows you to plan a budget and tries to ensure that you’re spending as per your budget. If you are on the verge of exceeding your budget, it automatically reminds you that budget is being mismanaged. You get automated reminders to pay the bills and it also helps calculate the Tax liability.


7. Chillr

Chillr has been launched by India’s private sector bank HDFC. This app takes care of your mobile banking and utility payment needs like money transfer, accounts recharge, and track expenses, etc. The app can be used to categorize bills as well as generate monthly transaction summaries and statements.


8. Wally

Wally is a personal finance app which helps you compare your income to your expenses. Wally lets you keep track of where your money goes and set and achieve goals. It provides the details as you spend money: where, when, what, why, and how much and can take a picture of the receipt of your bills.


Thus, if you are looking for the best mobile apps for expense management these are the 8 Best Expense Tracker App or Best Expense Manager App for Indian users, which help you to keep a track of your expenditures, so you are able to plan accordingly and stay within the budget.

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