8 Best Mobile Apps For Small Businesses To Handle Business Needs Effectively

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Apps for Small Businesses

Running a small business is not an easy task as you must take care of a lot of things, right from handling day to day operations to taking big business decisions. A lot of business solution apps these days offer to lessen your burden and help things get more organized. This increases productivity and makes your life easier.

Here are a few best mobile apps for small businesses that can be helpful to stay in charge and organized by streamlining daily operations and increasing employee efficiency:

1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint):

Microsoft office, one of the best apps for small business can be used in an Android phone or tablet to create and share your data and work files throughout the organization.

2. Google Drive:

Google Drive is another mobile app to store and share documents online. These documents can be accessed from anywhere on any Android device with an internet connection. Changes made in google drive document are automatically backed.

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3. 4Cliqs:

4Cliqs, one of the best App for Small business helps keep track of time and monitor employee activities in a very effective way leading to significant increase in employee efficiency and thus the productivity of your organization. It is very user-friendly and has both mobile as well as a web interface.

4. Asana:

This is the best mobile app for medium businesses that lets you communicate and collaborate through various tasks and projects and follow their progress without having to rely on email. Google Drive and Dropbox files can also be integrated through this app.

5. Skype:

Skype is a video conferencing app that facilitates a meeting with remote employees or clients. The Skype app for Android with a flexible platform helps you connect with users on nearly any device and is one of the best apps for small enterprises.

6. StreetSmart:

StreetSmart is an employee location tracking software that has many features to increase productivity. It offers features like employee visibility, showing their movement, job assignment, and expenses. Beside current location, you can also see location history of each employee.

7. Toggle:

Toggle is a very simple and best app for medium business that lets you track time literally in two clicks. It also tells you, how employees are spending their time and on what projects. You just have to click the timer at the beginning of the task and again when you are ending it or taking a break. The app sends automated reminders to employees in case their time is not being tracked.

8. Timr:

Timr, another app for small businesses is a cloud-based solution that does time tracking through GPS. Managers are able to effectively and accurately track employees’ work hours and leaves.
So, no more looking around-download the best apps for small business right away to help you manage yours as well your employee’s time effectively, assign tasks, closely monitor and boost their performance, that too at a very low cost.

These apps keep you on top of things at the office, facilitate you to delegate tasks diligently that too on time to employees, manage business expenses and take right business decisions to maximize productivity.

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