What Are Best Practices To Monitor Your Employees Through GPS?

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When the majority of workforce is in a field, business owners face challenges like lack of visibility in a day to day operations, time and cost management.

New age technologies like GPS Tracking help tackle these problems through efficient location and time tracking of field employees. But how does one implement a technological change in the organization. This often becomes a challenging task.

Successful deployment of GPS Tracking devices is a must to derive maximum benefit for any business. When these tools are introduced, organizations fail to focus on creating an urgency and they don’t communicate the benefits of new technology properly. You as a business owner may also face problems.

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Enlisted below are Employee GPS Tracking challenges:

● Lack of technical skills
● Underestimation of uses and scope of the tool
● Lack of training
● Hesitation to move away from conventional methods of working
● Fear of loss of skill or power
● Employees find it too intrusive

It is important for you to anticipate resistance to change and be prepared to answer and convince your employees.

If you are really looking for returns on investing in a new technology for monitoring your employees through GPS, do focus on below listed best practices:

1. Collaborate with Influential Employees

Involving them early in the deployment process, and clearly explaining your goals for using GPS in business, can ease the transition.

This is the most effective method for promoting a change. You need to lead the change by collaborating with early learners and digitally smart employees who network well and can influence others.

 2. Educate the Employees Tactfully

Build a buzz around so that it doesn’t come as a surprise and ensure that they get comfortable with the tool. Devise a program to nurture your digital champions who are influencers as well, as they are key to transform others successfully.

They will be able to replicate the technology throughout the organization. Processes need to be redesigned so that the features of the tool are embedded in the system and used to its full.

3. Tell them about the Benefits

The employees should know that it will make their life better and easier. How they need to let go off more time consuming and cumbersome conventional processes. They should know that GPS Tracking device will lead to fast submission of accurate reports, greater recognition and encouragement from superiors.

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4. Develop Sense of Ownership

Investing time and empathizing with your team members makes them feel they are the part of the process, develops a sense of belongingness so they become more responsive and take ownership of their actions.

5. Monitor and Reward

Actively engaged users can help share best practices and they also need to ensure that the outputs that describe the tool’s success are monitored.  You should also be able to provide regular inputs on progress and share where one is lagging and what needs to be done to involve everybody.

You got to recognize the change in behavior you wanted to see in your employees. Associate Individual awards for diligent employees who are using the tool effectively.

6. Take Feedback on how it is Affecting them

Ask for feedback, suggestions and inputs. Letting your employees have their say and feedback will increase the visibility of the GPS Monitoring and more employees will feel drawn towards it. Modifying the implementation plan as per their feedback will go a long way towards acceptance of the software.

7. Don’t Expect all Employees to be Happy about the Change

While sincere ones will welcome being tracked and having their excellent performance recognized, the ones with performance issues will obviously not like it. Plan in advance and give them the opportunity to make improvements.

Taking care of the above points would definitely ensure a smooth transition to Successfully Deployment of Employee GPS Tracking software like 4Cliqs, which is very affordable yet efficient in providing business insights on daily basis.

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