How can Smart phone Make Your Field Employees Smarter?

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How can Smartphone Make Your Field Employees Smarter

Smart phones brought along a special feature with them and that was the applications, popularly known as apps. And since then the world is completely changed. There are all kinds of apps made today, right from gaming to shopping, general or specific and many more which have changed the way of doing things. Smart phones are also helping make employees smarter.

Below are the ways that make your employees smarter-

1. Virtually Attend Meetings and Conferences:

Employees are able to work from any location as they have direct access to company networks and corporate resources. This empowers them for on spot answers to client questions and can quickly resolve a situation. They can participate in a conference call while on move.

Rather than spending the first thirty minutes of their work day just figuring out what to do and awaiting inputs, they can walk into the office already planned for the day.

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Mobile employees in various locations can work together in real-time and keep themselves connected to the office as they move around.

This helps them collaborate and share ideas instantly rather than waiting to get themselves in office and then share or seek insights or new ideas. This makes your employees smarter and well equipped.

2. Increase Employee Work/Life Balance and Overall Satisfaction:

Smart phones allow employees to better balance their work and personal life as they help them streamline the daily repetitive tasks, are able to check emails, mark their attendance and store the data and pictures as per their job requirement.

They are able to do almost anything that an employee can do at their desk. So there are many regular tasks that your employees can perform with their smart phones that help them save a lot of time.

3. Improve Reporting:

The cloud storage solutions available these days help you and your employees access data at anytime from anywhere. Data entry time is reduced thus enabling them to submit their reports on time and you as a manager can easily access and approve the reports.

You can be updated with the right data with solutions like 4Cliqs. This data can also be used to generate different MIS reports that help you to have a deep insight and easy analysis of data. Here, are some important components of a good report which can help employees to showcase the data extensively.

4. Improve Expense Management:

Getting expenses approved is the major pain area for an on-field employee. Employee Reporting Applications that run on smart phones,make employees smarter by streamlining the expense approval system. They offer a simple way to consolidate the daily activities and expense reports, saving both time and energy of the employees.

4Cliqs, a daily management tool for the Dynamic Sales/Service team provides authentic and accurate information to the manager. Expenses are submitted and approved on the same day, making the process of accounting smooth as well as speedy.

5. Improve Employee Tracking-Help in their Security as Well:

Companies are increasingly using GPS enabled tools through smart phones to track their on field employees. It makes your life easier as you are able to monitor your employees sitting in the office. This indirectly will make your employees smarter as they know, what they do is being monitored. This helps them being more involved and motivated as they get instant inputs and feedback on their performance.

Followups from office are also drastically reduced as one is able to monitor the live attendance and location through employee reporting mobile solutions like 4Cliqs.

It is designed to smoothen the daily reporting process of employees going out in the field. Knowing their whereabouts also helps ensure their safety and security thus making everybody’s life easier and your employees definitely smarter.


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