8 Best Mobile Apps For Small Businesses To Handle Business Needs Effectively

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Running a small business is not an easy task as you must take care of a lot of things, right from handling day to day operations to taking big business decisions. A lot of business solution apps these days offer to lessen your burden and help things get more organized. This increases productivity and makes … Read More

6 Essential Tips To Effectively Manage Remote Employees

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Most of the businesses these days employ remote staff and managing them effectively is the key ingredient to run a successful business. But at the same time, it is not easy as you as a manager can’t be there with them at different locations. Managing remote employees effectively calls for overcoming the challenges of supervising … Read More

How Efficient Field Staff Management Leads to Good Customer Service

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Running a smooth business is easy but hard to make it efficient because it is difficult for managers to keep a track of activities going on in the field as their supervisory capacity is limited. It is of utmost importance for the managers to know, how their field staff is interacting with the customers and … Read More

What Are Best Practices To Monitor Your Employees Through GPS?

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When the majority of workforce is in a field, business owners face challenges like lack of visibility in a day to day operations, time and cost management. New age technologies like GPS Tracking help tackle these problems through efficient location and time tracking of field employees. But how does one implement a technological change in the organization. This often becomes … Read More

How can Smart phone Make Your Field Employees Smarter?

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Smart phones brought along a special feature with them and that was the applications, popularly known as apps. And since then the world is completely changed. There are all kinds of apps made today, right from gaming to shopping, general or specific and many more which have changed the way of doing things. Smart phones … Read More

Golden Rules for Effective Staff Management

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Essentials of managing most valuable resource -your staff in a small business and make it a success Any business- big or small wants to make its vision a reality and no one else but your employees help you reach there so you need to ensure that they do it efficiently. The biggest challenge in managing … Read More