Cheat Sheet To Motivate Your Employees To Track Time and Improve Productivity

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Cheat Sheet To Motivate Your Employees To Track Time and Improve Productivity

The secret to increasing employee productivity in any business is supervision. This is the case especially for employees whose specific responsibilities include field visits. However, most people do not appreciate having superiors breathing down their neck as they work. In this case, time and location tracking is the best choice. It gives you as the employer peace of mind knowing where your field employees are at all times and gives them the freedom they require and deserve to do their work. Employee tracking happens to be a very sensitive move and it is therefore very important for you as the business owner to approach the implementation carefully, to ensure that it is well received and that the employees comply whole heartedly.

Benefits Of Time And Location Tracking For Your Employees And Your Business

The most obvious benefit of time and location tracking is the fact that it improves employee productivity by not only monitoring their activity and movement but also including them in the process itself. Other benefits include:

  • Tracking promotes transparency and improves accountability for unsupervised employees in the field.
  • Allows accurate time allocation for specific tasks by monitoring on average how long it takes. This ensures that employees tap into their full potential while out on the field without being overworked or underworked.
  • Tracking also helps the business make reasonable budgets based on work hours and travelling costs incurred on field visits.
  • Gives the flow of work at the office an easy and organic feel especially when all employees comply. Everyone gets to stay updated, as employees can easily track time to specific a job or client, and also add notes. It will help hem distractions as they consciously track their time to a specific project. This brings efficiency to the system of your business.
  • Assessing service delivery according to specific times and workloads will enable you to set realistic expectations for your employees. You can tell when projects are too many for a person or team. Analyzing the data will enable you to find better ways to utilize employee resources to their maximum efficiency. They will be in a position to achieve their goals when dealing with clients, which is a plus for them and for your business.
  • The perfect blend of freedom and self-responsibility gives employees the enabling environment they require to thrive leading to improved customer satisfaction and maintenance of a good brand image.
  • When productivity of the employees is low- This is measured in terms of how many clients are visited and satisfied with the services. It increases overall customer satisfaction.
Tips On How To Motivate Employees To Get On Board

It is important to understand that time and location tracking might be viewed by employees as micromanagement. It is therefore very important to make sure that the employees understand the benefits as they enroll and that they are motivated to comply. Below are three foolproof tips on how to get everyone on board:

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  • Make them feel empowered: What most employees don’t see is the fact that time and location tracking gives them power. The freedom extended to them by the employer allows them to hone and practice skills such as self-drive and responsibility. This will improve their value as employees in the long run which is good for them career-wise.
  • Reward the compliant and reprimand time wasters: Tracking helps the employer separate the diligent employees from the low key lazy ones who get by unnoticed due to lack of supervision on the field. Rewarding compliant employees motivates them all to work hard out in the field and actually take the time tracking forms seriously. Reprimanding the time wasters also helps by promoting responsibility and diligence as virtues while out on the field.
  • Show them the flexibility it provides: Everyone likes working with a convenient schedule. Your employees can work while at home or on the road, and remain accountable to their coordinators. This freedom increases their productivity and enables them to push themselves.
  • Make the process easy for them: One of the reasons why some employees have an attitude against time tracking in particular is the fact that it can be time consuming and difficult to do. You should therefore invest in simple time tracking solutions of which the 4Cliqs service is one of the best.
  • Show your employees how the time tracking aligns with your company’s vision: Your employees support the goals of your business. Show them how the time tracking will enable you to realize the vision faster. This will help them connect with it better. For instance, they’ll see how it makes the business operations more efficient and transparent.
  • Follow up your employees and get feedback: Your employees are your best bet in determining how well the systems of your business are working. Check in on them regularly to see how well they are adapting to the time tracking. Their concerns and suggestions will help you make crucial decisions.
Using 4Cliqs to make your job easier

4Cliqs is a cloud-based time and location tracking technology designed to make the entire process easier for the employer and the employee. The fact that it can be used on a smartphone or laptop makes it way easier and a whole lot faster. It also eliminates the use of paper forms that employees find bulky. It goes without saying that 4Cliqs will increase the employees’ compliance making the entire process of tracking easy for them and efficient for you.

Bottom line

In summary, it is obvious that the secret to success with time and location tracking at the work place is getting the employees on board with the idea. This can be achieved by making it easy for them, giving them the freedom they require and rewarding them adequately for their hard work.

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