Convincing Your Employees to Use Tracking App-3 Rules to Go By

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Convincing Your Employees to Use Tracking App-3 Rules to Go By

Location and expense tracking app is a key to better productivity and enhanced performance.

But sometimes introducing something new becomes a task for an employer as the employees wonder what is in store for them. As an employer we need to let them know why something is being done in a specific way. Convincing them to use the location and time tracker doesn’t take much.
Firstly, communicate with them openly and make them the part of the process while you introduce this system so that they feel a sense of ownership. Let them know that they will be able to see the impact of their work in real time. They might even think about new, more efficient ways of doing things which will save effort, time and drastically reduce their paperwork. By using 4 Cliqs they won’t be struggling to submit their Expense and Customer Visit Report. The basic inputs required from an employee are:

  • Number of customers they visit with their details.
  • Time spent on each customer and kind of transaction performed.
  • Details of expenses under appropriate heads.

Secondly, ask for feedback as it is invaluable. After implementation, we need to check on how they are adapting to it and try to understand their problems, concerns and suggestions if any. Use the same for process improvement.

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Third and most important rule to go by is to associate rewards for accurate and on time reporting. This will reinforce desired behavior and the employees would want to repeat it and go for it.

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