How Efficient Field Staff Management Leads to Good Customer Service

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Field Staff Management

Running a smooth business is easy but hard to make it efficient because it is difficult for managers to keep a track of activities going on in the field as their supervisory capacity is limited.

It is of utmost importance for the managers to know, how their field staff is interacting with the customers and what value is being driven to them as keeping customers happy is most important in today’s competitive business world. So, while it’s required to go out and try to win new customers, the needs of your existing customers should be kept on top at all times.

Managing a remote team comes with its own set of challenges. On any given day, field staff could be distributed in several different locations so without the proper field staff management system in place, a business can face following problems every day:

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  • Field employees could show up late

  • They might go to a customer where another employee has already been sent

  • They might not have the right knowledge or update on the customer

  • They might not be well equipped to handle the customer

  • They might not even visit the customer assigned

How can you overcome the above problems and improve the efficiency of staff-Here are the ways to manage your field staff effectively and raise the level of customer service they provide:

Communicate Wisely

Use right communication tools to ensure that each field employee can easily contact their line manager, and that line managers are in regular touch with their team members and there is to and fro flow of communication happening. Important updates and feedback should be shared timely to Improve the efficiency of field staff.

Provide Better Data Visibility

To maintain a high level of productivity, provide your employees with all the relevant data related to their task so that they are able to deliver maximum value to the customer. Inaccurate data can lead to ambiguity and disputes resulting in the waste of loads of time.

The use of field force management software provides a lot of valuable insights into a business. This helps managers to optimize the time spent on each customer. It also enables them to get access to vital data for making key business decisions. The data collected enables the business organization to identify loopholes, and work on areas needing improvement.

Enhance Productivity and Workflow

The availability of insightful and timely information on-the-go can help improve the workflow of any organization. Managers can easily determine the location of their employees and accordingly assign them work.

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This automates the scheduling system and enables the managers to assign customers to employees on the same routes. They can also improve field service efficiency using the shortest possible routes to the customer location. Optimizing your workflows enables field staff to carry out their daily tasks efficiently and meet the expectations of customers.

Train Them Well

Your field employees are representative of your organization. The level of knowledge they possess goes a long way in establishing your company’s integrity and credibility. Therefore, training them well is really very important. They should be well equipped with the product as well as competitor’s knowledge.

Not only this, they should also possess knowledge of basic courtesies of dealing with the customer so that their actions result in customer delight.

Evaluate performance

Your employees are the key asset to your organization. An engaged and motivated workforce will deliver beyond expectation and boost productivity.

So, it goes without saying that it is important to keep your field force motivated. You can do so by encouraging collaboration and building relationships, setting right goals for all and very importantly reward and recognize them at the right time and preferably publicly.

Managing Your team Effectively can be achieved with the use of appropriate software application like 4Cliqs, through which managers can easily evaluate team’s performance, and send the right field employees to the right customers. They will have better access to customer data and speed and efficiency of this software enables them to be more productive and deliver customer satisfaction.

So, you and your workforce set you apart from your competitors. The values and culture followed gets reflected in the way you work. Focusing on Customer Service and being able to retain good customers is very important for continued success of a business.

Taking feedback, acting upon it, resolving issues quickly and thoroughly, increases credibility thus increasing customer loyalty. Field Staff Management application takes care of above key components of efficient field staff management.

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