5 Easy Ways To Increase Business Productivity By Imbibing Technology

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Imbibe Technology For Zooming Up Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is the rate at which a salesperson generates revenue for the organization. Most of us would agree that sales productivity can be traced to an organization’s engaged and highly productive sales employees working on goals that are aligned with the organization’s objectives.

To increase sales productivity salespeople, need to use their time more effectively. Technology comes to rescue here as it helps them move ahead with time in this fast-changing sales environment.

Impact of technology on productivity has been huge so companies are willing to invest in sales productivity tools which have now become an integral part of increasing business productivity.

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But one ponders- How can technology improve productivity? 

1.  Automate Administrative Tasks:

Technology is used to improve productivity by automating administrative tasks. Sales employees no longer waste time on a manual update of mundane and conventional processes. It lets go off non-selling tasks that take away their productive time, distract them and affect their ability to focus.  

2. Increases Sense of Ownership:

Technology improves business efficiency by improving employee efficiency as they become more self-managed. They are able to handle their tasks without being constantly monitored and are empowered to take decisions. This inculcates a sense of ownership that is a great motivation booster. 

3. Simplifies Daily Reporting System

There are various sales productivity tools available to simplify day to day operations related to sales employees who are in the field most of time.Businesses use technology to maximize business productivity through an efficient daily reporting system, which helps employees submit their daily report directly through the phone, anytime and from anywhere. 4Cliqs, a robust report management tool can help submit reports with authenticated data while on move thus resulting in saving loads of time and energy, which can be utilized elsewhere for best possible results.

4. Easy and Timely Insights to Management:

Impact of technology on productivity is huge in terms of management being aware of every function of the company and is constantly updated on the progress of various projects. With employee productivity management software, you can receive all the updates as soon as an event happens and provide just in time inputs that keep you ahead of competition always. 

5. Measure and Explore:

There is more data available that is easy to explore and timely insights from field help you focus on weaker areas, enabling to improve on the same. Data analysis helps you optimize workflow and you can identify performing and not so performing employees.

With feedback on the performance and timely recognition of employees, they feel motivated and involved leading to better performance in terms of increased sales productivity. This is another way, businesses use technology to maximize business productivity.

Above are ways to improve sales productivity through imbibing technology. Look no further and go for it to avail below benefits.

Greatest benefits of using technology like daily reporting app in any business are:

Authentication of Customer Visit Records- 

Customer Visits are authenticated based on GPS location and pictures from a field with date, time and location stamp.

Submission of Field Reports-

Employees are able to submit reports on a daily basis as it is a very easy and user-friendly process.

Automation of Field Visit Data-

Customization of data is possible as per the business requirement.

Submission of Expenses on Daily Basis- 

Expenses can be claimed and submitted on daily basis along with pictures of bills.

Approval of Reports and Expenses-

Daily report approval lets the employees know, where they are heading, and they can receive timely inputs and guidance.

Expenses approved on time help in timely reimbursements, saving employee’s precious time and energy that used to go on unnecessary follow-ups.

All these results in elated employees, who give their best to increase sales, thus boosting business revenue. This is how technology can improve productivity via improving employee efficiency.

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