The Secret to Reaching the Next Level is Discomfort

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In today’s evolving economy, many business owners are striving to take their business to next level through various new ways. It can either be by using new selling techniques or by increasing their visibility in the target segment. They need to keep themselves updated with new market trends and demands- something that will help their … Read More

How can Smart phone Make Your Field Employees Smarter?

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Smart phones brought along a special feature with them and that was the applications, popularly known as apps. And since then the world is completely changed. There are all kinds of apps made today, right from gaming to shopping, general or specific and many more which have changed the way of doing things. Smart phones … Read More

Golden Rules for Effective Staff Management

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Essentials of managing most valuable resource -your staff in a small business and make it a success Any business- big or small wants to make its vision a reality and no one else but your employees help you reach there so you need to ensure that they do it efficiently. The biggest challenge in managing … Read More

5 Effective Employee Management Practices and Techniques

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Sound and effective employee management practices, help in retaining high-quality employees Effective employee management is an art that helps you become a great leader. How can you be one? By following effective employee management techniques that lead to motivated employees who consistently perform well and have an inherent desire to improve, are loyal to colleagues, … Read More

5 Tips to Build a Productive and Effective Team

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How an employee monitoring system helps you build a productive team which takes you towards a common goal of achieving great heights of success. What does one need to build a successful business environment? Answer is employee productivity. Agreed? It is like breathe for any business as it helps it to thrive and flourish. Yes, a productive team … Read More

5 Easy Ways To Increase Business Productivity By Imbibing Technology

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Sales productivity is the rate at which a salesperson generates revenue for the organization. Most of us would agree that sales productivity can be traced to an organization’s engaged and highly productive sales employees working on goals that are aligned with the organization’s objectives. To increase sales productivity salespeople, need to use their time more effectively. … Read More

Top 5 Time Management Tips To Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity 

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As is said, “time is money” especially for sales employees and it surely doesn’t wait for anybody. So, time management is the key to increase sales team productivity. When a sales team isn’t meeting its targets or is spending a disproportionate amount of time on non-productive tasks, some managers might assume the employees are not … Read More

7 Ways How 4Cliqs Makes Settlement Of Expenses Easy And Quick

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There are lots of issues which organizations as well as employees face related to settlement of expenses and claims. Specially in case of employees travelling on official purposes, they need to settle their expenses which sometimes takes a lot of time. It is due to delays while processing of the claims and during approval of … Read More

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