The Anatomy Of A Great Daily Visit Report

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The Anatomy Of A Great Daily Visit Report

In order for a business to thrive and stand a chance of expanding, it is absolutely important that you keep records of the different activities involved. This is especially important with businesses where field visits are a major part of the transactions. Employees should make reports detailing the field activities in order to provide you, as the business owner, with the information required to run the enterprise. Below is a description of how to write a good report that will be useful to you in future.

Components of a good report

A good daily visit or field report should be regular, accurate and detailed. If possible, you should ensure your field employees keep things like receipts and time stamps in order to verify the information and ensure it’s authentic. A good daily report from a field employee should include the following information:

  • Work hours: This should be split into two: the overall number of hours worked during that day and the time spent on each client. This helps monitor and evaluate the employees speed and effectiveness out in the field.
  • Number of customers, business partners or other clients visited and their details: The details should include things like name, address, contacts and contracts entered if any.
  • Transactions conducted: This is where the field employees enter details on sales made, orders placed and any other form of transaction that brings income for the business.
  • Costs incurred on the field: More often than not, the costs incurred are on a per-kilometer covered basis, where distance is the key parameter. Other parameters include meals, parking fees and similar expenses. This information helps the business owner monitor use of funds and make adequate budgets for future visits.
Importance of a daily field visit report

A well written daily field visit report goes a long way in improving the customer’s service experience and as a result helps maintain the business’s good brand image. Below are five ways this is achieved:

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  • It makes the employees out in the field accountable.
  • It provides information important for budget making, accounting and other forms of planning.
  • Allows direct contacting of visited clients and business partners from the business’ base of operation for feedback.
  • It helps monitor movement and activity of the field workers throughout the day.
  • It helps evaluate the productivity of the employees while out in the field.
Bottom line

After all is said and done, business owners need to understand that it is not only the presence of the report that matters but the content quality. The daily customer and expense reports from field employees need to include the details described above in order to be of any use to the business. Bottom line- a good report is good for business.

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