Top 5 Time Management Tips To Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity 

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Top 5 time management tips

As is said, “time is money” especially for sales employees and it surely doesn’t wait for anybody. So, time management is the key to increase sales team productivity.

When a sales team isn’t meeting its targets or is spending a disproportionate amount of time on non-productive tasks, some managers might assume the employees are not working hard or they don’t want to give their 100 percent.

When all other attributes including employee motivation and morale are in control then we need to look into what is causing lower sales and take appropriate measures to increase sales team’s productivity.

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If you are not sure where your employees time is going then you need to get an efficient tool like 4cliqs to monitor them.

Below are the Tips on time management that will help increase sales team productivity by successful deployment of GPS Tracking devices:

  1. Automate repetitive tasks: Report generation and record creation tasks are automated. Expense submission and claims are also automated, so reimbursable happen on time without all of the back-and-forth confusion and communication between sales team, their managers and accounts department. Employees no longer have to be physically present to submit hard-copies of bills and daily reports as it is all automated through our Employee reporting app. This leads to a drastic reduction in paperwork and follow up calls to various departments.
  1. No human error: The possibility of error goes very low so no messing up with your reports. Employees don’t have to calculate and keep a track of their visits and time spent with various customers as these can be recorded on the move. Inputs from customers or highlights of the meeting can also be punched in while submitting daily reports. This effectively helps manage employee time.
  1. Streamline administrative tasks: The Employee GPS tracking application keeps you informed on everything that goes on in the field without you being physically present there thus helping you focus on what truly matters. This eliminates follow up calls to the employees from the central office, helps create action items, assign customers or tasks and take timely action. Mundane tasks of the sales team are bundled for increased efficiency.
  1. Powerful Analytics: MIS Reports feature available on the web interface of the application is just amazing. It empowers you by providing deep insights into the business analytics. All information is up-to-date with little effort and no formatting nightmares. In fact, it helps you save almost two full days of work every month letting you provide timely inputs to your sales team that help them achieve desired targets.
  1. Recognize a job well done: Easy and insightful daily reporting helps you know your employee performance enabling you to timely recognize a job well done. Motivation is an important key to efficiency. People who are motivated do a good job and don’t hesitate in going an extra mile to get things done. Praise and recognition, you give to your employees are certainly repaid with their productivity.

The right employee GPS tracking app gives you the opportunity to streamline day to day operations, thus managing time efficiently leading to saving loads of man-hours. It enables you to know, the whereabouts of your employees along with all the related information on their daily tasks and accomplishments.

By using above tips on how to manage sales team time, you help save their as well as your time, enabling all to focus more on productive tasks thus increasing sales team productivity.

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