How To Track Employee Location To Grow, Optimize and Enhance Efficiency of Your Field Force

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Enhance Efficiency of Your Field Force

Are your employees on the move all the time! If yes, then how do you track their location and know how much time is being spent on various customers and tasks. Most of the companies these days face the challenge to effectively monitor their employees, especially their sales and service personnel as they are in the field most of the time.

How to track Employee location is a big question they face. You as a business owner would always want to maximize the revenue which is directly proportional to the business your field employees are able to generate. But sitting in the office, how to track employee location and know what they are up to becomes a challenge.

Answer to the question, ”How can I track my employee’s location?” is GPS tracking solution. It is no longer difficult to monitor your on-field employees and know what is happening in the field. An affordable yet efficient employee monitoring solution helps you to effectively track the real-time location of your field employees.

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This enables you to:

1. Know Where Your Field Employees are–  You no longer ponder on where your employees are. Based on the tasks assigned, you can monitor the exact location of your employee.

2. Know How Many Customers are Being Visited on Daily Basis– This ensures a timely visit to the customer. You get to know the accurate number of hours worked and time spent on each customer.

3. Work Closely with Your Team– Which results in a better allocation of resources. You can easily plan and project your next business move, reduce problem resolution time, boost your Customer Satisfaction Index and increase customer loyalty.

4. Curb Problems Like Time Theft and Incorrect Attendance Data– Time is the most important entity to run any business. 4Cliqs eliminates the possibility of time theft or wastage.

5. Simplify Day to Day Time-Consuming Activities Like Timekeeping and Expense Management– Employee is able to upload the pictures related to the task accomplished. They can also provide images of Customer feedback form, Customer visiting cards or equipment service log as per your business requirements. 4Cliqs Automates and Authenticates your business reports.

6. Approve/Reject Daily Visit Report Along with Expenses Instantly Without Any Glitches or Delays– Along with customer visit details, an employee is able to key in the details of the expenses incurred during the day while he is on move.

7. Know What is the Revenue Per Employee– You get to know your employee’s performance on daily basis. This enables you to provide timely inputs and recognition which helps to grow, optimize and enhance the efficiency of your field staff.

So, no longer ponder on How to track field employees as 4Cliqs, a handy and affordable field force management solution, helps your business to grow by boosting employee performance and increasing customer satisfaction which in turn leads to more productivity and enhanced business revenue. It helps you save up to 40% of time and effort that goes in for tracking on-field activities. Buying the application is a one-time cost and comes with affordable monthly payment option for you.

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